Level 2 Food Safety Raw Fish Manufacturing – PLUS GMP!!!

Specifically designed for fish… Level 2 Food Safety Raw Fish Manufacturing

basic food hygiene meatTypical basic food hygiene training, or Level 2 Food Safety as its now called, has been around for many, many years and was originally built for food made in a kitchen.

Today food manufacturing and the associated standards have advanced dramatically since then and so Techni-K have designed level 2 food safety training which meets today’s modern manufacturing environment.

Although typical level 2 food safety training teaches the importance of segregation of raw and cooks high risk foods (such as chicken), the level of detail isn’t sufficient for a raw fish factory. And, it lacks real depth of understanding on elements that are critical to the workforce, such as curing and metal detection.

This eLearning provides factory operators with not only training in level 2 food safety for raw fish manufacturing, relevant to the product they are producing, but also brings in GMP requirements which are key to their roles, such as speciation and integrity.

Course overview

The course is designed to show the learner around a virtual factory; Fintastic Ltd, as a new starter. As the learner makes their way around the outside of the factory; enters the staff entrance, moves their way around the staff facilities and then walks the factory process, they learn about all the food safety and GMP elements applicable to raw fish production at each step of the process.

The course curriculum includes:

Site security
The importance of restricted access, visitor and contractor procedures, site, raw material and product security.

Pest control
What pests are and the impact that they have on food. The importance of waste and door control. Monitoring and reporting of pests.

Personal hygiene and protective clothing
Jewellery, personal items and smoking controls. Ensuring food for personal consumption is safe to eat. Handwashing and changing procedures, including segregation of colour coded coats.

Employee commitment
The company quality policy and company objectives; and how employees have a responsibility to work towards them, including KPI targets. The consequences of poor practices. Employee training. Records, accuracy and providing due diligence evidence.

Cause and effect of illness on personnel and the product. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Reporting illness and returning to work. Carriers,
medical screening, and the control of medicines. Cuts and wounds and what to do when there is a bodily fluids spillage.

What they are and the consequences of cross contamination. Control of allergens through segregation, cleaning, rework and spill control. Change overs and line clearance for effective labelling.

Segregation controls and cleaning procedures, to ensure the integrity of the product.

Why cleaning is important and the principles of effective cleaning. Using and controlling chemicals effectively. Colour coding of cleaning equipment. Clean as you go.

Handling materials
Intake procedures, including certificates of conformity or analysis. Vulnerability requirements. Sieving, why we do it and what to look for. De-boxing, debagging and knife controls. The difference between best before and use by ingredients. Traceability. Recipe control. Protecting the product from foreign body contamination. Quarantine. Filleting controls to reduce contamination, such as knives.

Processing equipment
How the equipment and the facility can contaminate the product. What to look for and what to do. Accuracy of equipment. Metal, glass and hard plastic controls. Weight control.

Food safety hazard analysis
The food safety team and how they apply hazard analysis, to establish CCPs, PCs and OPRPs. What these control points are, including monitoring, recording and critical limits for CCPs. Metal detection; how it works, what to check for and what to do when it fails. The important food safety controls around curing.


level 2 food safety raw fish manufacturing“I have been training for over 15 years and I’ve delivered a lot of food safety courses, but this one is by far the best I have ever seen!”  Damian Stafford, Training Manager at New England Seafood.

Benefits of Level 2 Food Safety Raw Fish Manufacturing over typical Level 2 training

Provides training specific to your product sector

Includes GMP as well as food safety

eLearning that is visually appealing, interactive and really engaging

Complicated subjects, explained in a way in which is easily understood

Not only teaches the learner ‘what’ they need to do, but ‘why’ they need to do it too

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for workers in a raw fish manufacturing environment. It is not specifically designed for retail outlets such as fishmonger, although many of the principles taught in the course will be applicable.


1 to 9 courses: £25 each
10 or more courses: £20 each
100 or more courses: £15 each

Training Dashboard

For companies who would like to train more than 10 learners, an online training dashboard can be provided. This dashboard allows a super-user at site to assign and manage training.

Tell me more about the dashboard!


To successfully pass the course, the learner needs to get at least 70% in a 25 multiple choice test. The questions for the test are randomly selected from a bank of hundreds of questions, so if the learner fails the test, they can retake it, as they will be presented with another 25 questions. A lesson guide is also provided for the course; which includes all the information that the learner needs to be able to answer the questions, they just need to have understood the information sufficiently to be able to find the answer they need.

On successful completion of the test, a certificate will be instantly generated, which is ready to print.

Printed lesson guides

We have had the lesson guides printed too, so that you can purchase them for your training rooms.

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