Level 2 Food Safety Manufacturing

Basic food hygiene training, or Level 2 Food Safety Manufacturing as its now called, has been around for many, many years.  The accredited training, was originally built for food made in a kitchen, and it’s since been adapted (to some extent) for a manufacturing situation.

Today, we’re still using a basic food hygiene curriculum (or level 2 food safety manufacturing); that was originally designed for kitchens, and was written over 30 years ago.  Food manufacturing and the associated standards have advanced dramatically since then. Although food safety continues to be (and always will be) our primary concern, we now need to include food defence and food integrity in our list of GMP requirements.

Time for change

At Techni-K we thought it was time to make a change.

So, we have developed a Level 2 curriculum, which is developed specifically for food and drink manufacturing.  A curriculum designed specifically for each product sector. So that an operator’s training actually relates to their role.  Training that’s suitable for today’s manufacturing world, which includes food safety (applicable to the specific product sector), but also include GMP and the new elements of GMP such as food defence and food integrity.

We believe there’s nothing like it on the market and this type of training is going to change the way we train our workforce in the future.

Take a look at our video below, to see for yourself!

Why our courses are simply the best!

level 2 food safety manufacturing

Exceeds your expectations

Product specific

level 2 food safety manufacturing

Easy to manage

 Meets and exceeds HABC, RSPH & CIEH syllabus

 Meets UK/EU Legal requirements & Retailer COPs

 Includes GMP as well as food safety

 Instant access to the eLearning course

 Teacher support message service

 Instant digital certificate, ready to print

 Provides training specific to your product sector

 Training that is visually appealing, interactive and really engaging

 Complicated subjects, explained in a way in which is easily understood

 Not only teaches the learner ‘what’ they need to do, but ‘why’ they need to do it too

 eLearning supported with a fabulous lesson guide

 Free online training dashboard for companies with over 10 learners

 Discount pricing for more than 10 learners

 Training dashboard holds and manages certificates

 Dashboard alerts for refresher training

 Audit ready 24/7

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