BRC Issue 8 Compliance is a hot topic now, so if you’re working with the BRC Issue 7 Standard for Food Safety, you will need to make sure that you comply to Issue 8 since it was released in August last year.  We know there are a lot of sites out there, that need expert, practical guidance on how to manage the changes. In response to this, we have created our range of BRC Issue 8 training conversion courses that will teach you what you need to know and how to do it!

This is NOT an official BRC approved course, but that’s why we think it’s the best out there!

The BRC conversion course has been designed and written by experts in the practical application of food standards.  We’ve worked in factories and so we know we know first-hand, how to apply the standard. We might not be the cheapest, but that’s because we’ve put so much work into this, to make it the best! The reviews for our courses are proving us right too, so now they’re starting to come in – we’ve shared some of these below for each of the training options that have been completed to date…

What training is available?

We are pleased to bring you our BRC Issue 8 training for compliance that will provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the changes to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 to Issue 8. You can choose from three different training options – no matter what you choose, the content is the same:

eLearning: This is the most readily accessible BRC Issue 8 training. It’s a cost-effective and flexible training option – at £195 & VAT per person it’s accessible after purchase on our learner dashboard which is cloud-based. You login and get working through it.  You don’t have to do it all in one go and can come back to it as often as you need to, so its easy to fit it in with your busy schedule. When you’re finished, you take a multiple choice test and download your certificate.  There’s a PDF lesson guide included on your dashboard too, that you can save or print out – whatever suits you.


“We have just had our V8 audit. I used the conversion eLearning course training notes and audit checklist. I am delighted to say we had two minors and non as a result of the change in version. Thanks for the excellent information. The auditor was also impressed with the bakery specific level 2 food safety & GMP training course when he looked at your manual.” Anonymous  10th

“Completed this course last week and would recommend to anyone driving this standard change. Course is very well structured, each change is clearly described and the additional information clarifies why the change has been made. Suggestions on how to comply with each clause are very easy to follow and take you to the point of just having to document your solution. This is the second online course I have completed written by Kassy and would highly recommend both of them. Many Thanks Kassy.” Martin Booth  

“Just completed the BRC conversion course. It is brilliantly put together, easy to follow and very practical!! Plenty of great tips how to address new clauses!! I covered material over two days. I was a bit worried about the exam at the end of the course but it is every much day to day stuff you would know anyway!! So well done Kassy !!!” Dorota Biedron  

“Just received this course three hours ago and planned to read it for one hour. Could not stop, it is so easy to read and comprehensive, worth every penny and is with me all the time unlike a course you attend, everyone should buy it, it is really well written and I enjoyed it . Thank you Kassy.” Ruth Bishop  

In-House Course: If you want to arrange for a teacher to deliver the BRC Issue 8 training course at your site, we can arrange this for you. We have put this option together for you, if you want to train a team of people who will be involved in the work you need to carry out to convert to Issue 8. This is classroom-based training for 1-day at a date to suit you, is priced at £1995 & VAT plus *trainer expenses.  The advantage of this option is for sites who need to train more employees, as this course can accommodate up to 12 delegates of your choice. Our teacher will bring all of the course materials and lesson guides, you just need to provide the space.


We asked, Did the course meet your expectations and objectives? Everyone on our courses has said “yes” but below are some further comments…

” Yes. It was my first ever course and I really did enjoy it; Definitely what I expected; Yes I found it to be very interesting; It covered key changes; With the use of the handout, all key changes were covered; The training explained very well the changes and answered my questions”

Which aspects of the course did you particularly find helpful or enjoyable?

” All was good to me;  Interaction between all colleagues; Activities, examples, all in all the whole course was helpful; Part about safety culture;  All of it – very informative;  Finding areas that require improvement; The knowledge and explanations from the tutors; Food defence and updating to digital age – cyber crime etc; The exchange of ideas, interpretations and conversion course lesson guide; Time spent going through the standard with the team and support provided; The examples from the real factories and answers on all questions; Considering the topic, the tutor did a good job in making the course relevant and easy to follow; Discussions around management review and food safety culture; Reasons for change, not just the change”

Which aspects of the course do you feel could be improved?

“Not really anything;  More time; The contents of the course was excellent and very well delivered. I just felt some parts were rushed – although it is all very well detailed in the book; None; More examples about food defence; More practical involvement, activities to generate more group discussion”

General comments?

“Well done to both of you; Very knowledgeable and informative; Very helpful and informative. A great help in understanding a potentially difficult subject; The course was very informative and has made me look at things from a different perspective; A useful exercise; The course was very well prepared and informative; hard to implement practical involvement due to nature of course, course did meet the requirements”

Course description

The BRC Issue 8 training conversion course has been designed by specialists in meeting the GFSI standards, including the BRC standard. We have used our expertise to develop a course which not only explains what the changes are. but also what they mean and more importantly – what you need to do to be able to comply. It provides practical guidance on the systems and procedures you will need to implement and the evidence you will need to demonstrate to your auditor.

BRC Issue 8 training conversion course overview

The course is structured so its aligned with the sections of the BRC Issue 8 standard as follows:

  • Module 1 – Course structure
  • Module 2 – Management commitment & HACCP
  • Module 3 – Food safety & quality management system
  • Module 4 – Site standards
  • Module 5 – Product control
  • Module 6 – Process control
  • Module 7 – Personnel
  • Module 8 – High risk, high care & ambient high care
  • Module 9 – Traded products
  • Module 10 – Summary

Each learner will receive a full colour, 160 page course lesson guide, worth £55 which covers all of the content from the course that will aid you in implementing the changes. 

Who is the course designed for?

This BRC Issue 8 training compliance course has been designed by Techie’s for Techie’s. Whether you’re a site technical or quality manager, working in group compliance role or a consultant – this course is for you!


At the end of the course, there will be a short multiple choice test of 25 questions. A 70% pass rate will be required to receive a certificate.


Choose your BRC Issue 8 compliance training below: